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All you ever wanted to know about the guitars and amps used by Eric on stage and in studio.

Other acoustic guitars

Customised wood-body dobro

The photograph from the 1976 "No reason to cry" recording session of Eric playing this wooden-bodied resonator guitar with the amazing inlay work is well known. He spoke of this guitar during his interview with Guitar Player magazine conducted during the mixing session for the album. He said that he had bought an old Dobro in need of repair from George Gruhn's shop in Nashville and had a Martin style replacement neck put on it by Randy Wood. Wood decorated the guitar with the vintage Martin style torch inlay on the headstock, style 45 abalone inlay on the body and a "tree of life" inlay on the fingerboard complete with Eric's name. 16 years later, this guitar made what was probably its first public appearance during the "Unplugged" session at Bray Studios and then became a stage regular for acoustic slide blues during the 90's blues period.

Lowden 0-38

Eric was seen playing "Change the world" with this modern acoustic guitar, built for him in Northen Ireland, at the Grammy ceremony in March 1997 with Babyface. According to Eric, that guitar is, with the vintage Martin 000-42, his favourite one for acoustic studio sessions.

Ramirez classical

Jose Ramirez seems to be Eric's choice for classical guitars and they have been used on stage constantly since the "Unplugged" session ("Tears in heaven" video clip).

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