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All you ever wanted to know about the guitars and amps used by Eric on stage and in studio.

Guitar effects and whatnot


This unit has been used for many years with a Marshall JCM 800 head. The box was specially "reinforced" to endure the risks of the tour. It was also soundproffed because the amp is closed to Steve Gadd on stage.

Roger Mayer Voodoo vibe

This is a modern version of the Univibe built for Jimi Hendrix. It offers manual adjustments for tremolo, vibrato and chorus. Used during the Pilgrim recording and '98 tour.

Jim Dunlop 535 Crybaby anniversary wha-wha

With a 6 positions frequency switch. Almost the slide parts of the Pilgrim album have been recorded with this pedal in fixed position, opened or closed to obtain a different sound with each takes.

Chorus Boss CE-3

Eric also uses a chorus Boss CE-3 pedal.

Samson Synth-6

Here is the wireless tranmitter used on stage for "Reptile". This system allows guitar tech to hear clearely the sound of the guitars during the shows.

Guitar picks

Heavy picks. They are manufactured especially for him by Sterling Ball.


For his strat: Erny Ball Regular slinky and Rock' n Roll slinky. Gauge 10/46.
For electric slide (Gibson): Erny Ball light with a non nickel-wound G-string.
For the Gibson L-5 on Reptile : Ernie Ball 0.11/0.52 Nickelwound.
For acoustic guitars: Erny Ball acoustic except for Martin 000-42 for which he uses Bronze Martin String 12/52.

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