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All you ever wanted to know about the guitars and amps used by Eric on stage and in studio.

Gibson and other electric guitars

1964 Gibson ES-335, cherry red

This is probably the guitar that Eric has owned the longest. First seen in public with the Yardbirds, it became one of the main stage guitars alongside the Firebird during the late part of Cream ("Crossroads" at Cream Fairewell Concert at the Royal Albert Hall). Its black case has "Cream" stensiled on it in huge letters. It was used on the studio recording of "Rita Mae" and made a major come back since in 1994 as the stage Gibson for playing blues, notably the Freddy King's numbers ("Tore Down" and "Have you ever loved a woman" at Hyde Park in 1996).

 1950's Gibson Byrdland, blond

Another blues guitar that was mainly used since the "From the cradle" tour with a slack open C# tuning for the Elmor James numbers ("Blues before sunrise" and "It hurts me too"). Eric did auction two of his still valuable sunburst Byrdlands from the same area but kept that special one behind. According to a 80's interview, he searched for a long time that model with that kind of alnico pickups first seen on a Chuck Berry LP cover. This may be the same one used on stage durring the "Hail Hail Rock'n Roll" Chuck Berry concert.

L-5 Gibson 1 and 2

The Gibson L-5 was used for the "Reptile" song and for the encore "Over The Rainbow" during the tour for its jazzy song. No G open tuning here but the E classic tuning.

Gibson Les Paul Standard, cherry sunburst

Eric's first Les Paul, that had been responsible for some of the finest guitar work of all the time during the John Mayall and the Bluesbraker period, was stolen during the rehearsal for the first Cream concert. Eric, speaking in 1989, described that Les Paul as the best one he ever had and that he could not find another one as good as that one for a long time. That was until he found this plain top cherry sunburst '60. Its first public appearance may have been the New Castle concert in 1983. It saw some occasional use during '85 tour, '87 Prince's Trust ("While my guitar gently weeps" and once during the 93 RAH blues show after a string broke on the custom shop P-90 les Paul during a Freddy King number.

Bluesmaster Eric Clapton

It's hard to believe but this guitar could had been be the "E.C. signature guitare". This guitar "Bluesmaster E.C." was designed by Eric and a luthier from Memphis. An endorsement contract was signed but later felt through because of a disagreement with his management. So, the E.C. Model was short lived. There is actually about 6 of these models built before production was halted and needless to say, they are priceless. This assembly employs 2 single coil "E.C. II" tapped pickups contolled by "Push-Pull" volume & tone with 3 way pickup selector switch. The E.C. assembly explores the maximum single coil sounds with a minimum of feedback.

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