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All you ever wanted to know about the guitars and amps used by Eric on stage and in studio.

About me

I live in France. I've got a serious fondness for guitars, amplifiers, effects and all what is near or far linked with that instrument. I'm sure you've already guessed that I'm a fan of Eric :-) and, obviously, I play guitar.

Why am I a fan of Eric ?

That's a good question... it's quite difficult to answer but I think that's, first of all, because of his ability to perform different things remaining the same, keeping his own style, as if he wanted to explore every little kind of music, and to play it in his own way, often bluesy. Even if I listen to other kinds of music, I would say that 90% of the time, that's an Eric's CD which is played... And to finish with, there's something that looks fantastic to me ; after over forty years of carreer, after being nicknamed "God", he has always been down to earth and respectful to his fans.

What is my favorite album ?

It's really impossible to choose only one album ! But if you allow me to pick two Eric's albums, it would be "Pilgrim" and "From the Cradle". "Pilgrim" for its ability to break new ground, "From the Cradle" for its capacity to come back to the root, to sound like all original performers (compare it!) keeping his own style; it's once more a testimony of the Eric's capability to assimilate different kinds of guitar playing style.

My best 'claptonian' recollection? ?

At the RAH, for sure...

How did I know E.C ?

With more than forty years of carreer, we're in talking about two generations, and it's thanks to my father that I discovered Eric.

How did I decide to make my own website ?

Simply because when I used to navigate among the different EC's sites, I didn't find what I was looking for (maybe some of you feel the same when you come here). My main goal was to offer something new, like the inventory of Eric's guitars and amps, and a place where fans from France and the rest of the world can meet.

What do I expect from Eric next ?

To keep on astonishing us with new albums, to remain the same

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