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Re: EC 2011...

Subject: Re: EC 2011...
by Morgane on 2011/6/9 16:05:48

Deux journaux japonais mentionnent la tournée au Japon d'EC et de Steve Winwood; le deuxième étant une interview.
En voici la traduction :

One of the English popular guitarists Eric Clapton is coming to Japanon November. He came to Japan 2 and a half years ago and this could behis 19th tour in Japan. This time, Steve Winwood with whom Eric hadplayed in the band called Blind Faith is coming with him. This is thefirst time that Eric comes to Japan with Steve. We had a interviewwith them in London and they gave us a message that we would love tobe a power for Japan.

They formed Blind Faith after the breakup of Cream and Traffic. Theyreleased an album called Blind Faith / Super Giants in 1969 and touredbut dismissed in 6 months. After that they have played together only afew times. But in 2007, they played together at a festival inBerkshire, UK. And after that time they have frequently playedtogether. They had shows in Madison Square Garden in 2008, toured theUS and Europe in 2009 and 2010, and also had 5 shows in Albert Hallthis month. They had an interview during the tour at Albert Hall.

interviewer : This is the first time that you two are coming to Japantogether. Fans will be looking forward to see Blind Faith reunion.
EC : It's not just a reunion of Blind Faith but it's a very importantkeyword for us.
SW : When we were playing as Blind Faith, we recognized our love ofthe blues and we tried to dig something. It's like opening a new door.We tried to mix the blues with something new.
EC : About Blind Faith songs, my feeling is still the same as I usedto play as Blind Faith. I think I've grown up as a musician but someparts are still difficult for me to play.
SW : Basically things are the same but Eric used not to be the bandleader. But now, he is the best band leader and of course, the bestguitar player.
interviewer : Do you have something that you want Japanese fans to belooking forward?
SW : I always play an instrument as an arranger rather than a player.So, I think there will be an interesting chemistry.
interviewer : A lot of fans have listened to your CD recorded atMadison Square Garden. Will the stages be like that?
EC : We haven't changed the program widely. When I play as a soloartist, I mainly play simple blues songs but when I play with Steve, Ican do another things. We have other possibilities and his songs aresophisticated.
SW : In this project, Eric chose some songs from my repertoire and Ichose from his songs. So, it turned out to be a very interestingsetlist.
interviewer : Eric had come to Japan for 18 times and Steve had come 4times. Can you say something for fans in Japan that experienced thedisaster?
EC : I feel so sad about those who having a hard time and those wholost their loved ones. I hope to be a power for these people.
SW : I've been to Japan only a few times but I could know that theyhave a very impressive culture. I think damages from the earthquakeand tsunami are very large. But I really hope that they could recoverfrom them and also I'm praying for them.

photo : Eric and Steve having an interview. They are looking forwardto come to Japan together.

Puis une photo d'Eric et ses filles.

PS: Merci H.K. pour ces photos et traduction.