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Re: Tournée 2013

Titre du sujet : Re: Tournée 2013
par Sally sur 18/10/2012 18:18:56

There are no other concerts in Europe. Today whereseric postet these informations.

Citation :
Eric Clapton announced today the FINAL dates of his 2013 European Tour. All 9 additional concerts take place in Germany. ... german-concert-dates-2013

So if you want to attend a show in Germany, try to buy tickets.
If you are member of ECA you have the possibility to buy still good tickets until 19th October 8.00AM.
At the ECA-page you find all informations at "European Tour Ticket Pre-Sale Information".

Tickets go on sale to the general public on 19 October at 9AM. ... kets&kuid=202&language=en

Good luck.