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The Alex Echo painted strat
30/08/2010 20:52
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Built by Fender Master Builder Todd Krause, this one-off guitar has no serial number. In 2012, UK painter Alex Echo asked Eric if he could design a guitar for him after a chance meeting at a Rolling Stones concert. Eric was delighted with the results and kept the guitar for his personal use. He and Alex have now decided to auction the guitar to raise money for the Crossroads Centre.

‘"Sometimes Quickly, Sometimes Slowly” was a labour of love on many levels. It was also a giant six-string elephant that sat in my studio for three months taunting me. I had many initial designs floating around in my head prior to receiving the Strat from California. But the day it arrived at my door my imagination went blank. I finally had to let go of any grandiose notion of design and simply start slinging paint at the great white beast staring at me! Once the first splash of paint touched the guitar body, the design presented itself – and it unfolded into what I consider a classic rock and roll exploding flame pattern. I couldn't be happier with its final composition. It is my sincere hope that it brings pleasure to many, and that it raise funds and awareness for the Crossroads Centre Antigua.’ – Alex Echo

The guitar was sold for £20,000 during Alex Echo's debut exhibition 'Alchemy' at Castle Fine Art, Bruton Street in January.

More on Alex Echo here

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Posté le : 25/02/2014 01:47
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